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2013 Parapolitics & world media

Karl M. van Meter

Karl M. van Meter, 2013 Parapolitics & world media, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2016.

« Parapolitics », according to professor, diplomat and poet Peter Dale Scott, is « the real use of power » and not the superficial use of power as declared by politicians and the media. But with over 20 daily press reports on conflicts of international interest, and the computer analysis of these approximately 7,000 reports by co-occurrence of key words, we can graphically and statistically show what were indeed the parapolitics of 2013 and what media reports hide behind the key words clusters « Islamist », « Israel », « Syria », « NSA » and « Obama ».

Karl M. van Meter est membre de l’AISLF.

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