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Global Society and Human Rights

Vittorio Cotesta

Vittorio Cotesta, Global Society and Human Rights, Serie Editor : Mehdi P. Arnineh, Brill, 2012

Global Society and Human Rights tries to grasp and reconstruct the processes of global unification and the shaping of a common feeling of humanity : the conviction, in different cultural contexts, of the unity of mankind and the existence of inalienable human rights. Contrary to the past, the quest for the unity of mankind does not imply the denial of differences ; on the contrary, it brings to light the common traits of the social and political organizations from which the potential recognition and the assertion of individual differences arise. The basic claim set forth in this book is that global society could be the context for the actual assertion of human rights.
Readership : All those interested in Europe, global society and human rights.

Vittorio Cotesta est membre de l’AISLF.

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