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On Migrants Routes in the Mediterranean : Political and Juridical Strategies

Giovanna Truda and Jan Spurk (eds.)

Giovanna Truda and Jan Spurk (eds.), On Migrants Routes in the Mediterranean : Political and Juridical Strategies, Fisciano, ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge, 2018.

A new idea of space goes beyond State borders, allowing the observation in all directions. It seems natural to think that, when one can look around, the observation always tends towards wealthier and richer societies, and this can explain the increase in mobility of a multitude of people who move from poor countries, where economic resources are scarcer, to the high-growth ones.

This book is an attempt to reflect – through the analysis of several aspects related to migration flows – on the current idea of Europe and the Mediterranean, and on the way to live it. Reflecting on what happens in the Mediterranean can therefore constitute the driving force to overcome the impasse of the migrant emergency that Europe cannot solve. Thus, while some chapters strive to formulate more general categories, others specifically deal with concrete realities.

Giovanna Truda et Jan Spurk sont membres de l’AISLF.

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